Tauba Auerbach
b. 1981 San Francisco, California

Tauba Auerbach's paintings, prints, and photographs engage typography, graphic design, Op art, computer science, and kinetic abstraction from the 1960s. In the past, she has used letters and alphabets as motifs, breaking down, isolating and rearranging the building blocks of written language in order to investigate their formal and semantic properties. Recently, her explorations into elementary binary constructs (Yes/No, Black/White, On/Off), have led to works that address oppositions between the analog and the digital, as well as those between the representational and the purely retinal. For instance, her photographic series Static (2009) is comprised of close-up views of kaleidoscopic static waves from soon-to-be-outmoded analog television signals, which, when examined closely, appear to break apart into a pixilated digital snowstorm. Similarly, her recent series of paintings on canvas titled Crumple (2009) appear to be black and white renderings of crumpled pieces of paper when viewed from a distance. However, when examined at close range they transform into undulating fields of black dots.