Ryan Trecartin

b. 1981 Webster, Texas

Ryan Trecartin's videos conjure alternate realities that are populated by a motley cast of unstable, often ambiguously gendered characters, some of which are played by Trecartin himself. These characters rush out of the screen with screaming abandon accompanied by a cacophony of digital effects, hyperactive editing, and candy-colored face paint, as if they were the product of an Internet fever dream. It is fitting that Trecartin's works have been consistently made available on YouTube; the newest works seem to be the site's mutant progeny, as they have taken its logic and stretched it to its hysterical extreme. For this show Trecartin has created a new video installation which takes the current credit crisis as its inspiration and extends it into a hypothetical future pulled from our strangest sci-fi dreams and our darkest schizoid nightmares. With his army of astrological transvestites, identity tourists and post-human corporations, Trecartin constructs a new parallel universe that seems beyond our understanding, but is, upon closer examination, nothing but the distorted mirrored image of our own.