Kitty Kraus

b. 1976 Heidelberg, Germany

Kitty Kraus creates delicate sculptures out of materials that are inherently fragile, mutable, and translucent thin panes of glass, blocks of ice infused with black ink, light bulbs, mirrors, and swaths of fabric. Her works often have a tendency to appear barely present, or in the process of disappearing"”like shadows or apparitions. For her recent untitled series of mirror lamps (2007) Kraus creates mirrored light boxes, which project dizzying, crystalline bands of light out of their seams. Like many of her works, the mirror lamps make reference to signature sculptures from the minimalist artists of the 1960s; specifically, they seem to be an inversion of Robert Morris' mirrored cubes (Untitled, 1965/71). Small and somehow private, Kraus' sculptures revise the more direct relationship that Morris' and other Minimalists' works have to the viewer.