Katerina Seda

b. 1977 Brno, Czech Republic

Katerina Seda's work is largely concerned with interaction, collaboration and the building of communitarian and familial bonds. She has made a number of works that engage the citizens of her native environs of Brno-Lísen, but her most intimate pieces deal with her family and the nature of intergenerational relations. It Doesn't Matter (2005-2007) is the result of a collaboration between Seda and her late grandmother Jana Seda (1930-2007). Towards the end of her life, Seda's grandmother had fallen into a state of profound apathy (the title comes from her consistent reply to situations requiring her to make decisions). Determined to assuage her grandmother's torpor, Seda devised a strict "regime" for her grandmother, which required her to make drawings of as many items as she could remember from her thirty-three-year tenure managing the inventory of a home supplies store in Brno. Amazingly, Seda's grandmother threw herself into the task with gusto, producing more than five hundred renderings over the course of two years, a selection of which are presented in this exhibition. The resulting piece is a touching examination of a life based around work, which evokes the complex and often incomplete nature of the inherited memory.