Faye Driscoll
b. 1976 Los Angeles, California

Faye Driscoll is a choreographer whose performance and video works engage with the formation of identity, the nature of memory, and the problems of interpersonal relationships. Though her works are normally staged as live performances, her piece Loneliness (2006) was created and staged entirely in the digital realm without a predetermined set of choreographed parameters. Driscoll began by having a friend take pictures of her as she danced around her bedroom wrapped in a green plastic tablecloth salvaged from the street. Then, the still images were arranged in a computer to generate a choreographed "digital flipbook" that runs to a song by musician and performance artist Dynasty Handbag. The result is a lurching, ecstatic dance that works as a fitting counterpart to the singer's lamentations about alienation and frustration: "My pal loneliness, won't leave me alone. When I don't want to talk, he calls me on the phone"